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Select your Snow Shoeing NZ product below:

"Privately Guided" means you have an exclusive guide and transport to yourselves.

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No departure / Unavailable
Insufficient space
Call NZ Snow Shoe on +64 3 442 3000 or email info@snowshoeing.co.nz to check availability
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Please note the availability shown is based on average capacity. If your trip preference is showing 'insufficient space' we suggest you contact reservations directly on +64 3 442 3000 to see if extra capacity can be made available.

In most cases you will be picked up ten minutes prior to the trip departure time. If your accommodation falls outside of this, we will be in touch directly to confirm a pick up time.

There may be other group options please call us on 0800 823226
or email info@snowshoeing.co.nz for booking options.